Monday, July 18, 2011


This card was for a friend. Her grandson was celebrating his 2 years.

I used the Craft Room to design the card. I <3 the Craft Room, Design Studio or the Gypsy for these cuts. It gives you the opportunity to hide areas, design and plan the mat to use just the necessary paper, no waste of paper!!!!

I cut the card in white (I used the paper that comes in the page protector, I keep them and use them to mat photos, or to make cards, I recycle them!). I used black cardstock and red cardstock. Because it was for a 2 years old, I decided to add some movement to the card, look close to the eyes.

I love my gel pens, specially the white gel pen. I did a lot of doodling to finish the card. She mailed the card in a clear envelope.

I kept the cur simple, I had to make 15 of them at the end of the school year.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

wedding gift card

It's not my original idea, I saw it in a magazine (I think it was a Christmas card)

the envelope

the gift card pocket

front of the card

card and envelope

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fishing b-day invitation

This is a b-day invitation for a guy who loves to fish.

A friend asked me to design and create her husband's b-day invitation. I know he used to be a coach. I asked her what was the b-day theme and she didn't have one. I asked her what is his hobby and she mentioned he loves to fish.

I used the Craft Room to use less paper. I doodle the # 60, after I cut all 30 of them I noticed the paper got lost with the blue background. I use the chalks for the fisherman and the boat, I also doodle the wave. I thought the card needed a splash of color, so I decided to add an orange fish. I like the final product and she loved it!