Monday, December 27, 2010


My cousin celebrated her daughters first birthday with the Bacyardigans. I have to be honest and I have to research about them. I used a couple of cartridges to try to recreate the characters, Create a critter was excellent but they have a Moose that doesn't look like this one.
I used my Peachy Keen Stamps for the first time but I think it wasn't a good ink stamp because it left spots and wasn't clean.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Butterfly card

I took the idea from another blog, The Daily Marker

Flat Rate Santa

Having Flat Rate Boxes under the CHristmas tree gave me the idea to recreate the box for my LO. I used the acid free spray for the box.

I used a stamp from Technique Tuesday that says Do Not Open until December 25th and TT flourish over the "stamp"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chocolate pillow

I created this pillow for chocolates. It was modified during the assembly.

After I used the Gypsy and the Cricut to cut the pillow, I used a Cuttlebug folder to add texture to the acrylic. The acrylic is a little piece from a clear stamp set.

My original idea was to have a shaker in the window. Yes, you heard right "was" because a little accident happen

It looks pretty but when I assembled the pillow, the tape wasn't enough to secure the shaker. Apparently the Mountain Tape isn't a good friend with the transparency.

It's filled up with Dark Dove chocolates

A little note tag: Merry Christmas!!!

The tag! Yes, I doodle and in different colors

Finally, I found this sticker and thought it was great to seal the box.

How and where to storage my cartridges

I have been searching for ways to storage my cartridge collection and so far, this is what I have decided.
I'm not completely happy with the storage. I wrote the name on each cartridge and have them alphabetize (fonts and shapes) and they are color coded.
I still have the original boxes, I might use them in my classroom to keep school supplies: pencils, crayons and scissors.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas cards

I used a wooden stamp for my Christmas cards - Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I colored the images with Bic markers and use scrap papers I have. I tried to personalize and make them different using different background.

I applied glossy effects to some of them

I also used a clear stamp (Fancy Pants) for the envelopes